Experience with equipment

Construction Equipment

It takes a lot to build a hard-working global brand that speaks to renters, buyers and contractors. But we can build and maintain an equipment brand that works for everyone. (Even your legal department.) And we know what it takes to help you drive sales in every region of the world, whether it’s large contract purchases of capital equipment or e-commerce sales of replacement parts.

Technology drives everything

Whether it’s to increase productivity, enhance operator safety or meet emission standards, technology is everywhere in today’s industry. All the high-tech features in your car are moving to construction equipment, including backup cameras and GPS. Equipment manufacturers are also discovering the importance of an aftermarket parts program, training and ongoing service.

Speaking to the rental audience

Construction equipment is expensive. So undoubtedly the rental market will be a key business driver. Rental companies who purchase equipment want to know that your machines will yield high utilization rates, can be easily maintained and provide good value in total cost of ownership. In addition to understanding this audience’s needs, you also need to connect with the end user regarding increased productivity, machine versatility and potential fuel-savings.

Our methodology builds success

The construction equipment industry is one we know incredibly well. We’ve helped companies market themselves globally and to niche markets like city governments. We understand the audiences, the long buying cycle and the challenges of navigating a manufacturer’s safety and legal departments. From insight and strategy to development and deployment, we’ll help you reach your customers with the right message at the right time.