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Air Swept Classifier System

Our Grinding System: The Air Swept Classifier System and Air Classification Mills

For the economical, efficient recovery of fine powders
The proven solution for countless applications

Specializing in powder processing, CMS’s highly energy-efficient Air Swept Classifier System is offered in 3-to-600hp Models. Durable and fully customizable, these types of grinding systems create yield as fine as 10 microns (particulate size is easily adjustable to produce fine or coarse products). Find out more about our Air Classification Mills below.

How Do CMS Grinding Systems Work?

This high efficiency classification system consistently sweeps the material directly in front of the hammers at right angles. In other designs, the material picks up the peripheral speed of the rotor, impacting the energy transferred to the particle.

Fine feed material is swept directly to the classifier. This pre-classification means that work is only performed on material exceeding your requirements. Particles rejected by the classifier are continuously recycled back to the impactors for further reduction. CMS’s Air Swept Classifier System has been uniquely designed to produce a narrow particle size distribution.

While the mill is in operation, the speed of the classifier can be changed to compensate for rises in differential pressure losses. It also optimizes peak capacity. Once stabilized, the Air Swept Classifier Mill continues to produce the same fineness and capacity. If requirements change, the classifier is also easily changed.

The variable speed of the classifier as well as the regulation of the air flow and rotor speed, enable the variation of particle fines over a wide range. The maximum permissible particle size or the separation curve can be adjusted during the grinding operation without shutting down the mill. A 200HP mill, for instance, can turn up to 20 tons of 200 mesh limestone.

All models of grinding systems listed are identical in operation as well as performance. The only difference between them is the capacity of the product being utilized. All rates are subject to product testing at our test facility. For more details contact our laboratory test facility toll-free @ 1-877-353-MILL (6455)