Scheduled maintenance and planning

Scheduled maintenance is critical to maintaining healthy equipment, and planning is an essential part of that. EMF will work alongside your planning department and other contractors to ensure all tasks under our control are thoroughly calculated, resourced and scheduled correctly to allow your shutdowns to run smoothly and on time. EMF has MS project capabilities to review, amend and produce high quality Gantt charts.
  • Installation, maintenance, commissioning, inspections and fault finding on all grinding mills, cement mills, kilns, scrubbers, crushers, fans, pumps, conveyors, apron feeders, lubrication systems, screens, gearless drive systems and more
  • Condition monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance solutions
  • Laser alignments on all fixed plant rotating equipment
  • Geometric laser alignment (sole plates, pipe flanges)
  • Large and small roller bearing installation up to 1800mm bore
  • Replacement of white metal bearings and brass slippers
  • Installation and service of Hydrostatic Shoe Bearings (HSB)
  • Fixed plant refurbishments (site workshop or in-situ)
  • Equipment modifications and repairs
  • Steel structure and platform erection
  • Piping fabrication and installation
  • Structural grouting